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North Place and Portland Street Sustainability Appraisal

ACDP            Audit Commission Data Profile
AQMAs         Air Quality Management Areas
BAP               Biodiversity Action Plan
CBC               Cheltenham Borough Council
CEEQUAL    Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment
DPD              Development Plan Document
GCC              Gloucestershire County Council
HMSO           Her Majesty's Stationary Office
IMD              Indices of Multiple Deprivation
JCS                Joint Core Strategy
LA                 Local Authority
LDD              Local Development Document
LDF               Local Development Framework
LDS               Local Development Scheme
LPA               Local Planning Authority
MSoA            Medium Super Output Area
NAQS            National Air Quality Strategy
NIs                National Indicators
NVZ              Nitrate Vulnerability Zone
ODPM           Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
PDL               Previously Developed Land
PPP                Polices, Plans and Programmes
RSS                Regional Spatial Strategy
SA                  Sustainability Appraisal
SEA               Strategic Environmental Assessment
SOA               Super Output Area
SPD               Supplementary Planning Document
SPG               Supplementary Planning Guidance
SUDS             Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
SWRDA         South West of England Regional Development Agency
UDF              Urban Design Framework

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