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Cheltenham Civic Pride Urban Design Framework SPD Technical Appendix - Royal Well Development Brief 2012 Revision


Page 4: 1.7 (Main Objectives)

"c. Creates a lively mixed-use, residential and commercial hub which could include retail, office and or hotel uses and will activate......"

Page 9: 2.9 (Constraints)

"c. Vehicular Circulation needs to be considered within a wider town centre context as part of the network changes arising form the Gloucestershire County Council successful Local Sustainable Transport Fund Bid in 2012."

Page 9: 2.9 (Constraints)

"f. 6 bays for bus/coach interchange..... Sufficient bays for bus/coach interchange....."

Page 12: 3.2 (Land Use)

"Will be provided. Could be considered."

Page 12: 3.2 (Land Use)

"e. Commercial Development (Use Class B1) Commercial development including retail and/or office space."

Page 12: 3.3 (Design Principles)

"bespoke townwide bus infrastructure - the spine and 6 bus pull in bays..... the local sustainable transport bid with a bus spine and bus pull in bays."

Page 16: 3.3 (Design Principle C - Design Quality)

" respects and enhances the historic character of the main building in a manner consistent with the Municipal Offices Historic Assessment September 2010 and enables its historic form to be understood....."

Page 17: (Design Principle D Movement)

"There will be provision for six pull-in bays." "There will be provision for sufficient pull in bays."

Page 19 (Planning and Related Applications)

"A description of the proposals assessed against the Municipal Offices Historic Assessment September 2010."

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