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Technical Appendix: North Place and Portland Street Development Brief

7. Appendix 1

7.1. A full policy review is included within the Baseline Report, covering the general policy framework that applies to the Borough and the site. All the relevant planning guidance is available on the Councils' web site. Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 local plan policies are saved until replaced by relevant development plan documents.  Cheltenham Borough Local Plan is currently saved indefinitely. The following core policies and proposals are relevant to a future planning application which will need to show compliance with these policies where they are relevant:

7.2. Local Plan

The site is located within the Principal Urban Area of Cheltenham. The following policies directly affect the site:
BE1-7              Conservation Areas (the site is within the Central Conservation Area)
BE8-10            Listed Buildings
RT1-RT2:        Retail Development (the site is within the Core Commercial Area)
CP1                 Sustainable Development
CP2                 Sequential approach to Location of Development
CP3                 Sustainable Environment
CP4                 Safe and Sustainable Living
CP5                 Sustainable Transport
CP6                 Mixed Use Development
CP7                 Design
CP8                 Provision of Necessary Infrastructure and Facilities
BE1                 Open Space in Conservation Areas
BE2                 Residential Character in Conservation Areas
BE11               Buildings of Local Importance
BE16               Buildings in Conservation Areas
BE34               Nationally Important Archaeological Remains
BE34A             Archaeological Remains of Local Importance
NE4                 Contaminated Land
HS1                 Housing Development
HS2                 Housing Density
HS4                 Affordable Housing
RC5                 Development of Amenity Space
RC6                 Play space in Residential Development
RC7                 Amenity Space in Housing Developments
TP 6                Parking provision in Development
TP127             Development and Highway Safety
TP130             Parking provision in Development
UI 1                  Development in flood zones
UI 2                  Development and flooding
UI 3                  Sustainable Drainage Systems
UI 4                  Maintenance strips for watercourses
UI 5                  Culverting of watercourses                
PR 2               Land Allocated for Mixed Use Development

7.3. Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and Documents (SPD)

  • Cheltenham Civic Pride Urban Design Framework SPD
  • Central Conservation Area Old Town Character Area Appraisal and Management Plan (Feb 2007) (SPD) which gives guidance on how the preservation or enhancement of character can be achieved.
  • Travel Plans (SPG) explains the circumstances in which Travel Plans are required and advocates a package of measures tailored to sites aimed at delivering sustainable transport objectives. It also sets out matters which may be subject to planning obligation.
  • Sustainable Development SPG
  • Sustainable Buildings SPG
  • Public Art SPG
  • Affordable Housing SPG see also Cheltenham Housing Needs Study (2009)
  • Sustainable drainage systems SPG
  • Planning obligations - transport SPG
  • Public art SPG
  • Security and crime prevention SPG
  • Waste Minimisation in Development Projects SPD (Gloucestershire County Council)

7.4. Local Development Scheme (LDS)

7.5. Local Plan policies are saved until formally replaced by those in the Local Development Framework (LDF).  Work is ongoing collaboratively with neighbouring local authorities to prepare Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy.  This will provide the overarching strategy for meeting the development needs of the Joint Core Strategy Area over the plan period to 2026.

7.6. Strategic Planning Guidance

7.7. The saved policies of the adopted Gloucestershire County Council Structure Plan Second Review (1999) are still valid;

S3        Development of land within built up areas.
S.5       Community Services and Infrastructure
S.6       Local Character and Distinctiveness
S.7       Environmental Quality of Development
H.7       Affordable Housing
T.1       New Development and the Transport System
T.9       Public Car Parking
EN.1    Energy Conservation
NHE.6  Historic Environment
RE.2    Open Space Provision

7.8. National Policy

The following national Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Guidance (PPG) are relevant;
PPS1      Delivering Sustainable Development
PPS3      Housing
PPS4      Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth
PPS5      Planning for the Historic Environment
PPS 10   Planning for Sustainable Waste Management
PPS 22   Renewable Energy
PPS 23   Planning and Pollution Control
PPS 25   Development and Flood Risk, including SUDS guidance
PPG 13   Transport

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