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Joint Core Strategy Issues and Key Questions

4. Vision and Objectives

4.1. This part of the document deals with the future of the Joint Core Strategy area and how the strategy could deal with the Key Issues set out previously. The first stage of this process is to outline a possible Vision for the area in 2026.

Why is the Vision important?

4.2. It is essential that the Joint Core Strategy is based on a clear Vision setting out how the area will look in the year 2026. The Vision for the Joint Core Strategy has been informed by the Sustainable Community Strategy for each of the authorities and the Local Strategic Partnership Visioning Workshop held in 2008.

4.3. The Vision for the Joint Core Strategy will evolve over the course of the preparation of the document. The Vision will need to include or consider elements identified through the Local Strategic Partnership Stakeholder Workshop, the evidence base and the Key Issues arising from the Spatial Portrait.

What is the Vision for the Joint Core Strategy area?

4.4. By 2026 the city and towns of the Joint Core Strategy area will be regenerated and will have grown to create a thriving sub-region of self-reliant and interlinked communities that complement one another.

4.5. The vision will set out how City and Town Centres of Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury will have undergone major regeneration and their vitality and viability will have been significantly enhanced, strengthening their role as the focus for employment, leisure and tourism. In Gloucester City, the Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company (GHURC) in partnership with the Council will have brought forward a number of key development sites by 2016 inspired by the City's unique historic character and building on the success of Gloucester Quays, attracting people and businesses back to the city centre.  People will be able to walk or cycle safely around the City Centre and neighbourhoods linked to an efficient public transport system that will provide rapid access from the suburbs to a revamped bus station adjoining a revitalised King's Square.

4.6. Civic Pride, in Cheltenham, will have been successful in intensifying the use of underused Town Centre sites like North Place and Royal Well and in redeveloping existing iconic buildings such as the Municipal Offices. Civic Pride will also have integrated peripheral parts of the town centre like the Lower High Street and The Brewery to the Central Promenade and it will be possible to walk all the way from North Place to Montpellier along a central regency boulevard.

4.7. In relation to Tewkesbury the vision will set out how the Town Centre will need to retain its medieval character whilst allowing for some sensitive redevelopment of key sites.

4.8. The Vision will also need to consider the scale and manner in which urban extensions may come forward and how they could create attractive and sustainable places to live.

4.9. The Vision will need to set out how all development, be it in regenerated centres or new urban areas, will minimise its contribution to climate change and maximise the use of renewable energy sources, passive solar gain and natural ventilation.  It will also have to set out the manner in which flood risk and water management is addressed. 

4.10. It is also important that the Vision sets out how the provision of new homes will have met the needs and demands of the community by providing the required mix and balance of both affordable and market houses. The design and quality of new homes will also need to encourage opportunities for home working and enable the right type of accommodation to be provided in the right location.  The Vision will also have to consider the needs of an ageing population.

4.11. The provision of new homes across the Joint Core Strategy area will need to be balanced by a step-change in employment provision and opportunities to maintain historically high rates of self-containment and reduce dependency on the private car. The regeneration of Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury will also need to focus on making them attractive and exciting places to set up business, with opportunities in the service sector as well as traditional industries. 

It is important that the Vision emerges from this consultation process, and describes clearly how the various locations within the Joint Core Strategy area will have changed or stayed the same.
How would you like to see the Vision express the things that are important to you and the places within Joint Core Strategy area that you are interested in?
Do you think there should be separate Vision statements for particular locations within the Joint Core Strategy? If so what would you like these to say?

Strategic Objectives

4.12. In order to achieve the Vision the Joint Core Strategy will need to set objectives that will guide the future development of the area. 

4.13. These are set out below as Strategic Objectives:

  1. To mitigate contributions to the causes of climate change and ensure effective adaptations are developed to improve the resilience of the Joint Core Strategy area to the impact of climate change.
  2. To reduce the risk of flooding and its impact, particularly by reducing the likelihood of communities and key infrastructure becoming inaccessible during flood events.
  3. If the Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West is published it will be necessary to meet its requirements in the provision of new homes that meet the variety of housing needs across the Joint Core Strategy area and, in particular, ensuring that the provision of new homes facilitates the attraction and retention of skilled people to ensure economic growth.
  4. To protect, manage and enhance biodiversity, the natural environment and formal/informal recreation through the development of a Green Infrastructure Strategy and the potential idea of a Regional Park. In particular, to increase the value and accessibility of the Joint Core Strategy area's environment for the benefit of the natural environment and the improved health and well being of the Joint Core Strategy area's population.
  5. To build on the current high levels of self-reliance in respect of employment within the Joint Core Strategy area by encouraging employment sectors that are already strong within the area and attracting additional sectors that will help retain and attract skilled workers.
  6. To develop the skills of people of all ages to match the future employment opportunities within the Joint Core Strategy area and seek to retain a higher proportion of graduates.
  7. To effectively encourage regeneration that makes the best use of the Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company and Cheltenham's Civic Pride sites and the medieval heritage of Tewkesbury.
  8. To facilitate access to and improve healthcare and community facilities.
  9. To deliver effective solutions for transport, planning and urban design to reduce the dependency upon the private car and improve the links between settlements so they can complement one another.
  10. To realise regeneration aspirations and to establish the Joint Core Strategy area as a single attraction that caters for a diverse range of retail, cultural, educational, leisure and tourism needs by capitalising on the unique strengths of each settlement.
  11. To ensure that development protects, preserves and enhances the important historic environment and the distinctive townscape qualities of the Joint Core Strategy area, including protection of key views and accessibility of historic locations throughout the Joint Core Strategy area.
  12. To maintain and build upon the existing tourism economy of the Joint Core Strategy area by improving accessibility to existing attractions, encouraging the development of new attractions in accessible locations and by providing services to facilitate growth in the tourism industry.
  13. To promote self-reliant communities by maintaining, enhancing and developing local and district shopping centres that provide for the day-to-day shopping and community service needs of the local population and promoting appropriate development that supports their function.
Do you consider that these are the right Strategic Objectives for the Joint Core Strategy?
How can they be refined to address more specifically the places of interest to you?

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