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North Place and Portland Street Sustainability Appraisal

5. Recommendations and Monitoring

5.1. Recommendations

Overall the revised draft Development Brief is judged to have very positive effects on the sustainability objectives, with particularly positive effects for social, population/health, townscape and landscape/cultural heritage objectives and criteria. However there are a number of recommendations which would help improve the sustainability performance. These are summarised below. A number of these recommendations can also be incorporated into other DPD documents.
  •  Future requirements for health, education and community facilities will need to be developed in the light of detailed development proposals as redevelopment could bring in users from varying backgrounds
  •  Landscape details should be provided at planning application stage
  • Detailed design must incorporate water efficiency measures
  •  Developers should undertake appropriate investigations and remediation of contamination prior to construction
  • New development should meet Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM requirements
  • Refurbishment and renovation of existing buildings should comply with CIRIA and other best practice guidance
  • Development proposals will need to be accompanied by individual Flood Risk Assessments and to provide for flood risk mitigation on site
  • Development proposals will need to be accompanied by design and access statements which comply with CABE guidance
  • A labour force skill strategy is drawn during the detailed development phase to identify potential employment generation, skills required and match it with local available skills.
  • A comprehensive demolition waste management plan should be prepared  for all major demolition works, which incorporates the waste hierarchy model of- recover, reuse and dispose
  • Car parking in new commercial development should be provided at the minimum level which will retain viability.
Initial monitoring proposals are outlined in Table 3.1 above, which reflect SA objectives and indicators. These will be further refined in the light of comments on the revised draft SA Report.


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