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Joint Core Strategy - Issues and Options

Responses to the Consultation

View and search for the responses to this consultation.

The links below allow you to search the responses made to this consultation.  There are two ways of searching:

  1. Search for a specific respondent - This will include specific organisations (eg. the Environment Agency), or individuals who have made a representation or submitted a response.  Please note: it is important that your search terms use the correct spelling and match those used in the responses.  Click on the "List of respondents" link below for this search.
  2. Search for different topics - This facility allows you to search for different key words, for example all representations can the related to Policy SD6.  Help notes are available on the search page to make sure your searches are as specific as possible.  Click on the "List comments" link below for this search.


223 responses were received to the questionnaire.

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