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Joint Core Strategy - Issues and Options

Joint Core Strategy - Issues and Options


List of answers to the specified question

4.1.43 As Tewkesbury Borough Council are aware, Gladman have identified a potential site for a new garden village. We consider that the site presents an excellent opportunity to work in partnership with the Councils, County Council, local community and stakeholders to create a, sustainable, distinctive and attractive new settlement which will help to meet the needs across the plan area.

4.1.44 At present Gladman consider that the proposed new Garden Village has the potential to deliver in the region of 3,000 new homes alongside business/employment land, community uses and extensive greenspace.

4.1.45 The site is located in a sustainable location west of the A38, and approximately 4.5km from Tewkesbury town centre. Frequent bus services run along the A38, providing sustainable transport links between Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester, ensuring access to employment and higher order retail and leisure opportunities across the local area.

4.1.46 It is envisaged that any new settlement will be delivered on a phased basis, with a master builder delivering key infrastructure including a local centre, schools, community facilities and landscaping. Our plans are at an early stage and further technical and environmental evaluation is required, however evidence produced to-date confirms that the land is relatively unconstrained and is entirely suitable for the scale and form of development being proposed.

4.1.47 Alongside this representation, Gladman have also completed and submitted a site proforma, providing further details regarding the proposed new Garden Village.

4.1.48 A plan identifying the broad area of growth can be found at Appendix 1.


01 Apr 2019 15:57

This representation, the accompanying Strategic Land Availability Assessment Proforma and locationplan set out our client’s land, identified as part of Ashchurch’s proposed urban expansion and additional land that should also be included for the reasons set above and within supporting documentation.


01 Apr 2019 15:39

RPS sets out its response to question 13 in the separate section of this report (Section 3). A separate submission to the Strategic Assessment of Land Availability has been submitted alongside this representation in respect to Land at Mitton.

27 Mar 2019 16:27

A completed form is included with this representation promoting the Peel Centre/Madleaze site (SALA ref: ED013NEW (SALA 2018)) for a fully flexible mix of uses. This site within Central Gloucester has an important role to play to ensure that sufficient sites are allocated to meet the identified need for retail and other town centre uses, including offices, once the evidence base has been updated, and meeting housing needs in line with the proposed spatial strategy to focus on urban, brownfield sites.

27 Mar 2019 15:36

Relatively less sensitive landscape designations around Highnam are the next direction for the aspiring metropolis of Gloucester to swallow.

27 Mar 2019 14:26

Yes – land at Kyderminster Road, Winchcombe. A Site Location Plan is submitted with this form.

27 Mar 2019 12:28

Our client has land interest in land at Brookhouse Farm, to the north east of Ashchurch.

27 Mar 2019 12:12

MMG is promoting Land at Manor Farm, Twigworth as edged red on the attached site location plan (Appendix 1). However, they consider that the site represents an opportunity that is sufficient to be considered for inclusion as a strategic site within the JCS. As such MMG are submitting this site as part of the Call for Sites exercise running mconcurrently with this consultation. The suitability of the site for development will be discussed further in Section 4 below.


25 Mar 2019 11:59

Call for sites forms and supporting materials for the following three sites are included:

• Land to the east side of Painswick Road, Brockworth;

• The Lanes, Cirencester Road, Witcombe; and

• Land adjoining White Walk, Little Witcombe.

As noted in the response to Question 7, all of these sites lie close to Gloucester and contribute to its housing need and/or those of Tewkesbury Borough, within which they lie.


22 Mar 2019 16:19

Yes. Please see enclosed form and plan relating to Church Farm, Leckhampton. This can be considered in isolation or as a wider allocation in Leckhampton as promoted previously as Strategic Allocation A6 in the JCS.

22 Mar 2019 16:15
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