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Joint Core Strategy 2010 - Part 1

Joint Core Strategy - Part 1

3 Vision

3.1 The vision has been informed by:

•         Sustainable Community Strategies for Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury
•         Sustainability Appraisal
•         The Spatial Portrait
•         Consultation feedback

3.2 By 2026 the regenerated urban areas of Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury town will be the key centres for services in the area, acting as sub-regional hubs supporting a network of rural settlements and increase the competitiveness of the area in the South West and West Midlands context.  Within the conserved unique historic settings they will offer improved housing for all needs, employment, retail and leisure facilities, healthcare services and a variety of further and higher education opportunities.  All settlements will be inclusive places with robust and safe communities, providing residents with an improved quality of life, health and well-being and reduced need to travel.  The Joint Core Strategy will create strong and complementary communities that retain local distinctiveness through a co-ordinated planning strategy.  Strengthening the roles of Tewkesbury, Bishops Cleeve and Winchcombe as local centres. 

3.3 Sufficient sustainable housing will be delivered within and adjacent to the urban areas, as well as rural communities to meet the area's need and demand for homes, particularly affordable homes.  The provision will be in the context of creating less carbon emissions, producing less waste, recycling more and is protected from flood events.

3.4 The area will support a dynamic range of employment opportunities with well balanced and diversified, higher value businesses and an adaptable and skilled workforce.  Workplace and resident incomes will compare favourably with the regional average and educational development will be promoted which will bolster and support local resources and strengths.  Economic stimulus and growth will be enhanced through improved transport and provision of high-speed broadband throughout the rural locations.  Businesses will be attracted to the area by its protected and unique historic and natural environment and the high quality of life on offer.   

3.5 Travel and congestion will be improved through initiatives that will see improved linkages between Gloucester rail station and the city centre, reduced through traffic in Cheltenham centre and a network of on and off road cycle facilities and walking routes through urban and rural areas.  In rural areas opportunities for linked trips to settlements with a mix of services and facilities, market towns and larger urban areas will be maximised.

3.6 Development within Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Borough will be accommodated in ways to ensure that the environment is sufficiently robust to adapt to the wider impacts of climate change, including minimising pollution and ensuring availability of water resources.  Residents and visitors will have access to a network of green infrastructure in an area that is community focused and well served by public transport.  The area's natural beauty and quality landscape, biodiversity, built development and cultural heritage will be enhanced.

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